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Curry Flavored Salt-steam Cabbage
Cook a whole cabbage in microwave. No outflow of tastiness and vitamins.
[Serves 2]    23kcal per portion; 1.0g salt

150g cabbage

< A >
1Tbsp shiodare
1/4tsp curry powder

1. Tear the cabbage into bite-size pieces

2. Put the cabbage into a plastic bag. Add <A> and shake to coat the cabbage with the seasonings

3. Microwave on 600W for 1minute and half. (45seconds on 1200W) Take out when the cabbage is tender.

*Without using microwave, put the torn cabbage into a pot, pour <A> on , cover with a lid and place over heat. Remove from the heat as soon as it begins to boil. Leave for a minute and remove the lid.

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